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  1. Who has the responsibility for putting out the Shoreham beach swim area buoys as there are several missing according to the online map of the swim area.
    Also who monitors the ingress of kite surfers and jetskis in this area as I have been almost killed by one of each in the last month, whilst swimming in the supposedly safe area. Admittedly the sea was fairly rough and I might not have been that visible to anyone travelling at speed but that should not alter the fact that some kitesurfers and jet skiers are threatening competent swimmers by ignoring the two or three swim buoys in place which do not depict a safe swim area.

  2. Hi Will
    Ive noticed too that the jet skis are getting closer to the shore. I thought they had to go east out of the Port entrance and not go past the beach.
    s to the swimming buoys, I wasnt aware there were any. The yellow buoys mark the safe inshore channel to the port from the west.
    I suggest you get intouch with Shoreham Port Authority, whose reit this all sits in. Peter Wish is a good guy there and may be able to either help or direct you to those who can.
    Let me know how you get on

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