• Dunlin


    Dunlin is another small wading bird that’s sometimes seen along the shore line in the winter months. They are hardy birds, even if they only weigh about 50 grams.  The UK breeding population mostly move south to Europe and North … Continue reading →

  • Ringed Plover

    Ringed Plover

    A distinctive looking wader with their black ‘bandit’ eye-masks and orange legs. Most often seen on the harbour arm, but also along the tide line when there’s not too many people around. Generally seen in the autumn and winter months, … Continue reading →

  • Sanderling


    This diminutive wader is generally seen only during the winter months, and is always close to the very edge of the shoreline. If you see a small bird scurrying around like a clockwork mouse, just managing to avoid the breaking … Continue reading →