Thanks so much for the interest shown and the entries sent in to the FoSB Summer Photographic competition. The Judges have reached their verdicts and you can find the winners below. You can also see Highly commended entries and Judges selection.

Our 16 Plus Winner – Sue Noble

FoSB are delighted to announce that Sue Noble is the winner of our Beach in Summer photography competition. Many congratulations to Sue.

Our competition attracted more than 60 fantastic entries and our independent judge had a hard task in selecting the best. But Sue’s image was the clear winner in our adult category.

Our head judge, Larry Bray said “I was drawn to this image as there is a sense of freedom and excitement to it and horses running on the beach are not something you see every day. The way the image is exposed, showing the drama of the clouds and their reflection in the wet sand, means the horses and riders become virtually silhouettes.

Because of this we’re not distracted by faces or the colour and detail of clothing and just see the shape and feel the sense of speed of the horses which makes the photograph more powerful. The image being almost monochrome adds to the drama and simplicity of the image.”

Our 12-15 Years Winner – Molly Goodwin

Molly Goodwin was the outright winner in our photography competition, age group 12 – 15. Our head judge Larry Bray said: “What I like about this photograph is that someone has thought about this and taken the time to do something different instead of the usual angle from eye level.

When you see a photograph of a familiar subject taken from an unusual angle it is much more likely to stop you on the page and gain a reaction which is exactly what this shot did for me. Not only is this an unusual angle, the way it’s composed is also good. Placing the main subject on the bottom third of the frame is more powerful than putting it right in the middle and then the beach and the clouds both lead your eye to the family. It’s simple and very effective.

Keeping the framing wider and the family smaller captures more of the feel and all you need to know about that trip out on the beach. It’s obviously a family photo on a pebbly beach, you get a feel for the weather and there is a little of the sea in the background and you can just make out the windmills in the distance. The way the photo has been exposed has kept the clouds looking dramatic and the detail in the lighter pebbles and by doing so means the faces are a little darker but it’s a great angle and a fun photo of a family visit to Shoreham Beach.”

Our up to 11 Years Winner – Paige Burton

Paige Burton, aged 10, won with this amazing photograph of a white tailed bumble bee. She calls it “Help, my head is stuck!”

Our head judge said: There were several images of the flora and fauna on Shoreham Beach throughout the age categories but this one stood out. I like the out of focus pebbles in the background and the way the bee is framed against a plain area which helps to define it. It’s definitely caught nature at work with the bee holding on to the flower with it’s legs to get deeper in to access the nectar. Well at least that’s what I thought until I later found out the title of the image is ”Help my head is stuck” which made me smile.

Close up shots like this can be technically difficult to capture with a DSLR camera due to the fact there is so little in focus, especially difficult with a moving subject and limited time. There are a lot of adults who would have been pleased to get this image so as this is in the youngest age category it makes it more impressive. Given the age range it’s very likely that the person who took this photograph is at the beginning of their journey into photography and is still learning the techniques.

It’s a lovely photo of nature happening on Shoreham Beach, I wouldn’t be wrong in saying it’s the bees knees!

And finally thank you to our head judge Larry Bray

About the competition – a reminder

The rules

  • Your photo needs to be taken on our Local Nature Reserve on Shoreham Beach
  • It must be taken between 5 June and 31 August 2020
  • Entries need to be submitted below by 31 August 2020
  • Only one photo per person
  • Single images only please as composite images will not qualify
  • If you’re under 16 your parent or guardian must submit your photo and entry for you
  • You’ll find all the rules and terms and conditions of entering here

The prizes

For everyone 16 years and over – £50 WHSmith gift token for first prize and highly commended certificates for the four runners-up

For ages 12 to 15 years – £25 WHSmith gift token for first prize and highly commended certificates for the four runners-up

For ages 11 and below – £25 WHSmith gift token for first prize and highly commended certificates for the four runners-up

We plan now to exhibit all winning and highly commended entries in 2021 – however this will be dependent on Covid-19 guidelines.